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Gotta buy a shipping container in Detroit? Go YSS!

We work with landscapers, Farms, Ranches, Construction sites, commercial and residential sites to help find shipping containers near you. Customers use 40’ High Cube one trip containers as a shed on the residential property. 40 foot STD steel containers for a workshop in your backyard! 20 ft wind and water tight containers perfect for building a home. Landscaping businesses use 20ft WWT steel shipping containers as storage for their equipment.40 ft wind and water tight shipping containers used to secure the landscaping equipment. 40 HC Conex boxes that are bug, rodent, moisture proof are used to store farmers’ feed. A 20 foot one trip metal building is a great secure way to store farming equipment. Construction sites use cargo worthy 40ft steel containers as warehouse tool sheds. 40 ft tall storage sheds are perfect on construction sites for that extra height. Storing building materials in 40 standard one trippers is a good way to keep them secure. A 20’ new storage unit is a great on site office space. 

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